Scrambled Eggsham, bacon or spinach$3.99
Polish Breakfast Bunfried egg, ham & cheese$4.99
Breakfast French Baguettescrambled eggs, cheese, ham$5.99
Breakfast EURO PLATEhard-boiled egg, cottage cheese, veggies, bread & spreads OR hard-boiled egg, cheese, deli meat, bread & spreads$7.99
Homemade Sour Rye Soupsausage & egg$3.99


Sauerkraut $1.99
Cucumber Salad $1.99
Sauteed Cabbage $1.99
Carrot salad with exotic fruit $1.99
Polish Style Coleslaw $1.99
Red Beet Salad $1.99
Fries $2.50
Sauteed Potatoes, Rice $1.99


Belgian waffle with whipped cream and fruit $5.99
Crepes with cheese $6.99
Nutella Crepes with fruit $6.99


Polish Style Hot Doglettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, homemade sauce$5.99
Polish Sausagegrilled Polish sausage & onion in a bun, dill pickle on the side$6.99
Polish Style Pork Sandwichslice of pork in a warm bun, sauce, and a side pickle$7.99
Polish Style Pocket Breadchoice of meat; chicken, beef, comes with vegetables & sauce$6.99
Stuffed Cabbage Rollsrice & meat in a tomato sauce$6.99
Potato Pancakesserved with sour cream OR apple sauce$5.99
Pierogicheese & potato, sauerkraut & meat - 10 pieces$7.99
Chicken CutletChicken Cutlet rolled in roasted onion OR breaded chicken cutlet (comes with 2 sides)$11.99
Traditional breaded pork cutletcomes with potatoes & sautéed cabbage$11.99
Hungarian Potato Pancake with Goulashcomes with a side salad$11.99
Kebab Vegetarian Stylevegetables, garlic OR homemade sauce, stuffed in a pita bread$5.99
KebabChicken OR beef, vegetables, garlic OR homemade sauce stuffed in a Pita bread$6.99
EURO PLATE Saladlettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, cheese, red onion, homemade dressing- add chicken for $3.00 extra$5.99
FIT Combogrilled chicken breast, broccoli, brown rice$7.99
Euro PLateStuffed cabbage, sausage, 4 pierogi, 2 potato pancakes, side salad$12.99
French baguette with mushrooms, ham & melted cheese $6.99
Soup of the Day $3.99